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Brazilian exchange BM&F targets 1 million contracts traded daily and internationalization of financial contracts for 2006

Speaking at the Exchange’s annual Christmas dinner, the Chairman of the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange (BM&F), Mr. Manoel Felix Cintra Neto, said that for 2006, BM&F was targeting to reach one million contracts negotiated on a daily basis. Mr. Cintra Neto also expressed the Exchange’s intention to internationalize its financial contracts during the year ahead. BM&F’s agricultural commodities contracts are already fully internationalized.

Read more on BM&F's news page.

Eurex reports record trading for 2005

The international derivatives exchange Eurex has reported another record trading year in 2005. Eurex is the world’s largest futures and options exchange and is jointly operated by the German exchange Deutsche Börse AG and SWX Swiss Exchange. Based on the preliminary figures, which include an estimate for the last six exchange-trading days of the year, a total of 1.25 billion contracts have been traded and cleared in 2005, an increase of 17.5 percent on the 1.07 billion contracts traded in 2004. This corresponds to a daily average trading volume of 4.9 million contracts.

Find more details in the official press release of Eurex.

small victory in the spam battle

In 2006, e-mail spam will still be on the minds and agendas of security officers. BBC Front page news reports of a British businessmen who took legal action against a won.

After winning the case he was quoted to say:

"This may be a tiny victory but perhaps now spammers will begin to realise that people don't have to put up with their e-mail inboxes being filled with unwanted junk."

read the full story:

Athens exchange creates new sector indices

The Athens Exchange has announced the classification of all listed companies into sectors of economic activity, according to the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), following the ATHEX Board of Directors decision of November 24, 2005 to classify ATHEX listing companies according to this model as of January 2.

Find more details in the official press release of Athens Stock Exchange.

NYSE Hybrid Market

According to a press release the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has begun the rollout of a pilot program to introduce the first phase of the NYSE Hybrid Market.

Swiss Exchange SWX enhances trading system

According to a press release, the Swiss Exchange SWX has enhanced its trading system which should achieve a sustainable increase in trading capacity (system performance) for "quote-driven" product segments. In a intial phase, the Derivatives segment will shift to trading via this new quote system. Further segments, such as International Bonds and ETFs, will be added in the future.

Basel II schedule

According to the Swiss financial magazine "Schweizer Bank" the schedule for the implementation of the Basel II regulations should not see any major postponement. Basel should come into fore on 1 January 2007 in Switzerland, for the entire European community in 2008 and lastly for the USA in 2009.

The results of this unsynchronized implementation are not yet clear. In particular, European Banks will have to see whether or not Basel II rules can be applied for their US subsidiaires in 2008.

Future improvements to Market Data Feed

Telekurs Financial is pleased to report that the ongoing project to upgrade the Market Data Feed (MDF) has seen the successful implementation of the feed prototype.

The new infrastructure upgrade will reduce typical latency to as little as 15ms over the whole processing cycle and open up a range of new delivery options for clients. It is scheduled to be implemented from June 2006 to April 2007, with initial coverage including the top 40 global stock exchanges by data volume. The resultant additional capacity will mean that the complete range of 2.5m securities covered by Telekurs Financial will benefit from the infrastructure change.

Telekurs Financial data will continue to be delivered seamlessly in a fully integrated and cross-referenced format, but there will be some new delivery options available to clients as well as the existing methods:

Clients will now be able to take local data directly from their local Telekurs Financial data collection centre, without data being passed first to Telekurs Financial's central database.
A complete (validated but unfiltered) high bandwidth, tick-by-tick delivery covering the global data universe.
A solution tailored to the client's requirements, with bandwidth & content adjusted accordingly. A bandwidth-optimised feed expressly designed for display applications, e.g. for Telekurs iD.
Clients will be able to use the new MDF infrastructure to take exchange feeds directly, and integrate those feeds with the MDF feed, where a direct feed from a local exchange is required by the client.

Telekurs Financial is proud of its data consolidation, integration, filtering and validation expertise and is keen to bring these qualities further into the real-time market. By offering a range of delivery options, Telekurs Financial aims to work in partnership with its clients and prospects to make sure that clients know exactly what data they will receive and what latency can be expected.

The latency figures quoted above have been achieved with tests clients in Switzerland integrating data from the following stock exchanges:

European Warrants Exchange (EUWAX)
Swiss Exchange (SWX)
North American Securities Dealers Autoquote (NASDAQ)
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

The new Telekurs Financial delivery architecture will include a flexible system known as predefined volume disposition. In times of financial or economic turbulence, exceptional trading volumes may appear and under these circumstances, bandwidth allocation will be dynamically redistributed in an automated and transparent manner to ensure clients continue to receive critical data from the areas affected. The algorithms involved will take into account regional data preferences and will be discussed in detail with all MDF clients.

Telekurs Financial continues to innovate in financial data markets and looks forward to extending its reputation for consistency, integrity, transparency and punctuality to the benefit of clients who need real time real-time data.

Wikipedia on trial

Maybe it's the generation gap. The author, who was born before the Internet hype, never really felt comfortable with the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia where everyone can post entries anonymously. After all, what about all these learned men and women contributing their knowledge and passion to the written volumes of the traditional encyclopedias. Are they to become obsolte as just another result of the ever-changing technology world?

BusinessWeek online author Burt Helm reports how Wikipedia re-considers the say-it-all-as-long-as-its-fun-attitude:

Banking and ethics

Growth targets and fierce competition does not leave much space for philantropic ideas in the financial world. So it seems. The Swiss financial magazine "Schweizer Bank" has taken a closer look.

Author Silvia Jelenz recently presented the story of Bank2. Bank2 is domiciled in the American State of Oklahoma and targets its services since 2002 to the local native American population. The state of Oklahoma is the American state with the greatest number of native American tribes. Bank2 has specialized in the allocation of mortgages.

"In the past, Americans became wealthy through their property. Property gave them the means to finance their own business, education for their children or their pension funds (...). The greatest problem among the native American population is the lack of home owners. Only one third of American natives own property compared to the average of 70% of the entire American population,"

says Ross Hill, President and CEO of Bank2.

More information can be found on

press release: new version of Telekurs iD offers considerable enhancements

As of December 2005, Telekurs iD users have been able to use the expanded functions of the new version. In addition to a number of optimized features and convenient search options for securities subject to EU taxation on interest income, the highlight of this version is the stock analysis from theScreener, which is integrated into the display.

To read the entire text of this press release, please click here (download pdf 27kb).

press release: FactSet chooses Telekurs VDF for Superior Securities Reference and Descriptive Data

Long known as a leading provider of financial intelligence to the global investment community, FactSet Research Systems Inc. (NYSE: FDS) has chosen the Valordata Feed from Telekurs Financial to augment its securities master file.

To read the entire text of the press release, please click here (pdf download 24 KB).

press release: Columba and Telekurs Financial corporate actions solution delivered to LCH.Clearnet

Columba and Telekurs Financial have combined their expertise in order to deliver a highly effective corporate actions managment solution to LCH.Clearnet. This solution enhances their ability to maintain trading positions and efficiently process settlement transactions.

To read the entire text of this press release, please click here (pdf download).





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