AWP International – a news service for the Swiss and Liechtenstein community

From 16 January 2006, users of the AWP service in Switzerland and Liechtenstein will enjoy the benefits of an enhanced international reporting service in German language.

The Swiss company AG für Wirtschafts-Publikationen (AWP) will be launching an expanded international premium service under the new “AWP International” brand. This service is based on the news supplied by AWP’s two international partner agencies Dow Jones Newswires and dpa-AFX.

AWP International is an international news service tailored to the needs of the Swiss and Liechtenstein financial community. The service contains newsflashes and reports, analysis and background from all areas of the global economy. The comprehensive corporate reporting feature covers Europe, the USA and Asia (primarily Japan). In addition, AWP International spotlights events on the markets and in the financial sector as a whole in western and eastern Europe, the USA, Asia and Latin America. International news on macroeconomic developments and economic policy-making are also key features of the new premium service.

The offering is completed by a host of ancillary services such as a calendar function, press reviews, summaries and synopses. A clear and transparent structure makes it easy for users to follow events during the course of the day. AWP’s schedule for regular news will give you more insight into the news offering.

AWP news are available in the display products of Telekurs Financial.





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