The future department store

The Japanese departement store Mitsukoshi is currently running a pilot test in joint partnership with the electronics giant Fujitsu using RFID devices for inventory and customer relationship. This pilot test is part of the "Japanese Future Store" project which is led by the Japanese Government.

During the pilot at the Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store, 5000 pairs of jeans will be RFID-tagged for the purpose of inventory management and improvement services and operations. Also, the store has six "intelligent fitting rooms" that are equipped with large-screen IP phones and RFID readers. In these fitting rooms, customers can, for example, easily get information about the availibility of different sizes.

Moreover, Mitsukoshi will provide an experimental mobile "concierge" service using active RFID tags and mobile phones to improve customer relationship. When customers carrying active RFID tags enter the store, their historical information (past visits to the store as well as purchase histories) is displayed on the mobile devices of sales agents. If customers want to interact with the sales agents, they can push a button on the tag to call them.





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