JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2006

On 1st June, 62 390 runners from 2191 companies were at the starting block of the 14th JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt (Germany). The 5.6-kilometer (3.5-mile) event will almost certainly retain its title as the largest road race in the world in 2006.

“We are overwhelmed that we have a new record,” said John Jetter, CEO of JPMorgan in Germany. “Our event stands for team spirit, camaraderie, communication and fitness. As you can see, these values count a lot in the German economy.”

The German subsidiary of Telekurs Financial also participated in this event with a motivated team of 16 runners.

Seven companies had more than 1,000 participants – Allianz/Dresdner Bank (1,662), Siemens (1,312), Deutsche Bank (1,226), Deutsche Telekom (1,058), Commerzbank (1,034), Deutsche Bahn AG (1,1014) and Deutsche Lufthansa (1,003).

All the participants were sent off by the Mayor of Frankfurt, Achim Vandreike, and the Minister of Finance for the State of Hessen, Karlheinz Weimar. “This is a sensational event,” said Mayor Vandreike, noting that the 62,000 participants represented a full one-tenth of Frankfurt 's total population. “The party takes place before, during and a long time after the run. Being among the crowd is a great feeling!”


The motivated team of Telekurs Germany featuring a typical Swiss outfit. From left to right (top row): Oliver Schwebel, Horst Feulner, Dietmar Hobbie, Harald Stieling, Johannes Verheesen, Gerhard Heß, Edgar Lins, Ute Lins,
(bottom row): Julia Schmitz, Sebastian Schöber, Sabine Schmitt, Jolanthe Grosch, Frank Gräsner, Frank Frotscher, Yvonne Kever, Anett Rost





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