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SIS is to launch fund settlement service

SIS SegaInterSettle is to launch the world's first automated service for the settlement of offshore & hedge funds. The service revolves around a real-time link between SIS SegaInterSettle, its participants and the transfer agents. The company plans to implement the new service in December 2006.

With the launch of GFS – Global Funds Services – the traditionally labour- and paper-intensive settlement of offshore & hedge funds will be largely automated. The service is based on a real-time link between the GFS Internet portal and SECOM, SIS SegaInterSettle online real-time settlement system. It offers standardised settlement at the ISO 15022 quality standards SIS clients have become accustomed to. The service simplifies securities and cash reconciliation and allows for monitoring and overview of the statuses of pending orders at all times.

Faster informed by Dow Jones News in Telekurs iD

The Newsbeat published by our partner Dow Jones shows how fast our clients get relevant information.
At the same time Dow Jones published its news about the Rosneft IPO, it could be viewed in the News window of Telekurs iD.

New release of Telekurs iD mobile is now available

The new release 1.0.7 of Telekurs iD mobile is now executable on the latest generation BlackBerry devices 8700 and 8707 (UMTS).
More information about Telekurs iD mobile is available in the PRODUCTS section or via this link.

Telekurs Financial supplies company data from Hemscott

To expand its data offering for investment advisors and analysts, Telekurs Financial has signed an agreement with the UK supplier Hemscott. This involves corporate data focusing on:

* Full annual financials for UK and US listed companies
* Detailed profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow data
* Consensus and individual broker forecasts for UK quoted companies
* Selected business ratios

Initially, the data will be supplied to the Swiss market. Like the stock analysis from theScreener, it will be fully integrated in Telekurs iD. The service will go live at the beginning of next year.

For further information about Hemscott, please visit

Telekurs iD for Independent Asset Managers

Asset managers need a professional financial display with real-time stock exchange quotations, independent analysis, charting and up-to-date news – and all at reasonable cost. So why not take a look at Telekurs iD?
Telekurs iD has specially been packaged for usage in the asset management. It gives its clients access to a huge range of international data: over 2.7 million instruments from 200 exchanges and 550 contributors await you. Another highlight of Telekurs iD is its intelligent cross-referencing: you can go straight from the quotations to the related corporate actions, ratings and news – a wealth of information at the click of a mouse. What’s more, with Telekurs iD you’re not tied to your office: the traveller version will keep you fully in the picture, wherever you switch on your laptop.

The most important information for asset managers:
* Client portfolios are updated in real time and are linked directly to the latest business news
* Stock analysis from theScreener
* Historical time series and professional charting
* Dynamic data export via DDE link in Excel
* User-friendly search functions to help you research
* Level 2 data – Order Book

Do you like to see the details? Please download the fact sheet (in German, English, French or Italian) and the brochure.

For more information about Telekurs iD, please visit

More German-language news from AWP

Thanks to closer cooperation with Dow Jones and dpa-AFX, AWP (AG für Wirtschafts-Publikationen) has been offering more news in German since this spring.
Telekurs iD users subscribing to AWP News benefit from:
° A more extensive range of financial analyses on German stocks and global companies
° Stock market reports from New York, Frankfurt, London, Moscow, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Asia and Latin America.
° More background reports and interviews (especially from dpa)
° Better coverage of events in the US between 20:00 and 22:30 hours.

AWP subscribers do not need to place any additional order to take advantage of the extended range of news from AWP. The extended news is free of charge.





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