Tullett intends to develop Asian and Latin American products

Tullett Prebon Information (TPI), the subsidiary of interdealer broker Collins Stewart Tullett, is set to grow its business in Asia and Latin America, possibly by creating domestic data packages for those markets. According to Henry Ann, senior managing director and head of information sales and new business, the company is seeing significant demand from customers for data on exotic and emerging market currency-denominated instruments that are not yet largely traded electronically and are still mainly voice-broked.

Though TPI has no products specifically for Asian data, it will be exploring the feasibility of creating surch services. But given the lack of electronic liquidity in those markets, the biggest challenge to developing products would be sourcing a suitable live feed of local bond data, Ann says.

TPI is also scoping out the market for launching new data products in South America. "The emergence of Brazil, with the potential to go investment-grade in the next 18 months, opens the door to people looking for data," Ann says. "People in the US are looking for information on Brazil, and people there are looking for information on the US. We have the content and the ability to deliver it."

Source: Inside Market Data

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