Telekurs Financial sponsors the SFE Swiss Financial Services Reception

Telekurs Financial sponsored the SFE Swiss Financial Services Reception on September 20th, 2006 at The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh. The event attracted over 60 key figures from the financial community in Scotland focusing on the future of the mutual fund industry.


The reception was organised by Scottish Financial Enterprise to celebrate the opening of the new Swiss Consulate General in Edinburgh. SFE Chief Executive, Amanda Harvie chaired the session with an address from Mr Alexis P. Lautenberg, Swiss Ambassador in London. A keynote speech entitled 'Looking Ahead: Determinants and Perspectives for the Mutual Funds Industry', was delivered from Matthew Stemp, Managing Director of the Global Asset Management Division, UBS.

The main issues raised during the event were the striking similarities between the financial sectors in Scotland and Switzerland. Several speakers also commented on the international reputations for prudence and professionalism enjoyed by the financial sectors in both countries.

One key distinguishing factor identified by the panel was the specific area of excellence in each location. Switzerland was seen as a leading location in terms of private wealth management whereas Scotland and Edinburgh in particular, was seen as a centre of excellence for the fund management and securities administration sectors.

It was generally predicted that there would be increasing levels of business between the Swiss and Scottish financial sectors and the Swiss Ambassador cited this as one of the main reasons behind the Embassy's decision to relocate the Swiss Consul General office from Manchester to Edinburgh.

The reception was followed by a private dinner hosted by SFE at The Stevenson House.

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