Record year for SWX Group

In the 2006 financial year, the SWX Group achieved a record turnover and profit. The SWX Group’s net profit increased by 84% to CHF 163.9m against the previous year.

Last year, the SWX Group exceeded its previous record, established in 2005. Its net profit in 2006 was CHF 163.9m, which corresponds to an 84% gain compared to the previous year. According to SWX Group this result was achieved thanks to the solid markets and the optimisation programme carried out the year before. Proceeds increased by 12% to CHF 423.6m against the previous year. At the same time, operating costs dropped from CHF 253.1m to CHF 207.2m. Earnings before interest and tax increased by 78% to CHF 197.1m against the previous year, and liquid assets and securities increased by 41% to CHF 585.5m. Due to the trading-fee waiver of Q4 2006, proceeds from the spot market barely changed from the year before. Proceeds from data vending rose by 20% to CHF 37.9m, proceeds from the Admission Division rose by 25% to CHF 24.6m, and proceeds from the Eurex trade rose by 24% to CHF 182.4m. As of 31 December 2006, 424 full-time jobs were occupied compared to 465 full-time jobs the year before.

Source: SWX Group





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