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Telekurs acquires Fininfo "financial information" activities

Paris, Zurich, July, 10th 2007 - Telekurs Holding SA and Fininfo SA today signed an agreement whereby Telekurs undertakes to acquire Fininfo “financial information” activities.

This agreement involves all companies from Fininfo “financial information” department, except Idé, company specialized in graphic design and Anthium, a bond-trading company that recently ceased activities.

This agreement will enable Telekurs to enlarge its products and services portfolio and will strengthen its position in several countries, especially in France and Scandinavia. The two companies will usefully leverage complementarities, as well for geographic coverage as for offered solutions and services.

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Change of command at Swiss Interbank Clearing Ltd.

As of July 1, 2007, Martin Frick has taken over management of Swiss Interbank Clearing from André Bamat. He will also remain active as the CEO of Telekurs PayNet and will direct both group companies in the future. At the same time, Martin Frick will take a position on the executive board of the Telekurs Group. In December 2006 he was designated as the successor to André Bamat, who is retiring after serving at Telekurs for 15 years.

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JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2007

On 13th June, 67,270 runners from 2,446 companies were at the starting block of the 15th JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt (Germany). The 5.6-kilometer (3.5-mile) event will almost certainly retain its title as the largest road race in the world in 2007.

“We are overwhelmed that we have a new record”, said Karl-Georg Altenburg, CEO of JPMorgan in Germany. “Our event stands for team spirit, camaraderie, communication and fitness. As you can see, these values count a lot in the German economy.”

The German subsidiary of Telekurs Financial also participated in this event with a motivated team of 18 runners. Six companies had 1,000 or more participants, including Allianz/Dresdner Bank (1,612), Deutsche Bank (1,447), Siemens (1,180), Deutsche Lufthansa (1,066), Commerzbank (1,050) and Deutsche Telekom (1,047).

“We can accommodate up to 70,000”, said Rolf Mai, the representative for the Frankfurt police and one of the architects of the 3.5-mile course that features Frankfurt 's modern skyscrapers and centuries-old neighborhoods. The course was a festival of energy, with tens of thousands of spectators blowing air-horns, tossing confetti, waving banners, and providing adrenaline to the participants who worked their way through muggy conditions.


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The motivated team of Telekurs Germany from left to right (bottom row): Ute Lins, Dagmar Graw, Stephanie Hahn, Sabine Schmitt, (top row.): Frank Gräsner, Sebastian Starosciak, Edgar Lins, Thorsten Hammel, Sebastian Schöber, Dietmar Hobbie, Patrick Althausen, Oliver Preisendörfer, Frank Frotscher, Antonia Sieber, Yvonne Kever, Gerhard Heß, Torsten Schneider, Julia Schmitz, Oliver Schwebel.





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