Stock market experience for students

In spring 2007, the Stock Exchange Game of the Swiss Universities (Börsenspiel der Schweizer Universitäten; BSU) once again provided large numbers of students with an insight into the intricacies of the global markets. The BSU Association which organises the Stock Exchange Game gives students throughout Switzerland an opportunity to gain their first experience of the financial markets, thus bridging the gap between theory and practice. The students assume the role of an asset manager and manage 1 000 000 Swiss francs, of fictional capital, which they aim to multiply during the Game. Prizes worth over 40 000 Swiss francs including work placements, await the best players.

This year – for the first time – students were able to base their investment decisions on first-hand financial information. Throughout the game, any interested participants were given the option of using the Telekurs iD financial display system free of charge when managing their virtual portfolio. As a result, Telekurs iD recorded an increase in its number of academic users one week before the start of the game, as 21% of the participants signed up to use the system. Winners in different categories and almost all of the weekly winners gained a clear lead in the information stakes thanks to Telekurs iD.


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