VDF Time Series: Extended data offering for Telekurs Valordata Feed from Telekurs Financial

Zurich/Switzerland. From March 2008, the new service VDF Time Series will be part of the Valordata Feed data offering. With the time series supplied for 21 simple and more complex quotation types, users will be able to trace back data for up to 10 years.

Up until now, only daily valuation prices for various price types have been supplied through Telekurs Financial’s Valordata Feed (VDF). With the new VDF Times Series service, however, complete time series will now be included in VDF. This will help banks with completing their portfolios by adding the time series for individual instruments. The time series are supplied in VDF format and can be retrieved as an add-on to other VDF deliveries. Since VDF customers have already implemented this format, the launch of the VDF Time Series does not entail any additional work.

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