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SIX Telekurs wins Best Data Innovation Award 2011 from Systems in the City

London, United Kingdom − SIX Telekurs, a leading provider of financial information, is proud to announce that the FundsFast module of its Intraday Pricing Service has won the 2011 Systems in the City award for “Best Data Innovation”.

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JSM Wireless chooses SIX Telekurs data for BlueTM mobile device.

London, United Kingdom – JSM Wireless have chosen SIX Telekurs as a primary data source to deliver real-time financial data to their mobile application BlueTM.

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thewealthworks chooses SIX Telekurs data for their Troika software

London, United Kingdom – thewealthworks have chosen SIX Telekurs as a data source to compliment their Troika system, a wealth management software solution for family offices, financial institutions and private client service providers. SIX Telekurs is supplying pricing and corporate actions data via its leading market data services IPS (Intraday Pricing Service) and VDF (Valordata Feed).

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SIX Telekurs wins Scottish Financial Enterprise's Innovators award 2009

SIX Telekurs is delighted to announce that the FundsFast module of its Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) has won The Scottish Financial Enterprise Award for innovation in new products.

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More information on Intraday Pricing Service (IPS)

SIX Telekurs is one of the finalists in the Scottish Financial Enterprise awards The Innovators 2009

Zurich, Switzerland − SIX Telekurs, Europe’s third largest provider of financial information, is proud to announce that the FundsFast module of our Intraday Pricing Service has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Scottish Financial Enterprise awards «The Innovators 2009».

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BT and Telekurs Financial Announce Global Connectivity Agreement

BT today announced it will become a global supplier of connectivity services to Telekurs. Through the Radianz Shared Market Infrastructure, BT will deliver a cost-efficient and flexible solution that enables Telekurs to broaden its geographic reach.

Read the full text of this media release:

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Telekurs Financial and Euroclear UK & Ireland sign data supply agreement

Telekurs Financial and Euroclear UK & Ireland Ltd signed an agreement on 1 February 2008 for the supply of certain static securities data available at Euroclear UK & Ireland. This further enhances Telekurs Financial’s data offering particularly with regard to the UK Stockbroking community. The data, available through a wide range of Telekurs Financial’s products, covers securities reference and corporate events data maintained by Euroclear UK & Ireland, as well as UK stamp duty data. No client-specific information whatsoever is provided by Euroclear UK & Ireland.

Euroclear is the world's largest settlement-infrastructure service provider for domestic and international securities transactions, covering bonds, equities, derivatives and investment funds. Euroclear UK & Ireland is the central securities depositary (CSD) of the United Kingdom and Ireland, and operates the multi-currency, real-time settlement system processing transactions in all UK securities, Irish equities and a range of international securities.

Read the full text of this media release:

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Appointment of Martin Cole as Managing Director of Telekurs (U.K.) Ltd

Zurich 17 January 2008 - Martin Cole has been appointed as Managing Director of Telekurs (U.K.) Ltd. He will assume his new role on 21st January 2008. With over 70 employees in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, Telekurs (U.K.) is one of the most important subsidiaries of Telekurs Financial.

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Re-launch of UK-website

In a bid to strengthen our brand consistency, Telekurs (UK) Ltd will be incorporating the UK website into the Telekurs Financial global website: as of early July 2007.

Whereas these changes have no major impact on the content, on occasion your request will be better serviced by the Client Services team.

Our Client Services team provides first level support as well as supporting all questions or problems regarding financial information and systems, including:

>> answering user questions
>> routing more complex questions to the relevant teams
>> providing information about service availability
>> providing information about operational status during technical disruptions

The UK team offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7550 5050

Telekurs Financial hosts summer cocktail reception in London

Telekurs Financial hosted its summer cocktail reception at Coq d'Argent for clients and media representatives on 7 June. The event attracted over 50 people from around the square mile.

To see the pictures click on "mehr".

We were delighted to welcome the new Group Editor, Virginie O'Shea from Investor Services Journal at the reception. As you can see from the photographs, the evening was enjoyed by everyone!

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Telekurs Financial announces launch of the new Fair Value Service

Telekurs Financial is pleased to announce the launch of its new Fair Value Service for valuing bonds, which has been developed to help clients meet their obligations under International Accounting Standards.

As the majority of bond prices remain illiquid after launch, administrators need to find a way to value client holdings. Recent Financial Accounting Standards changes mean that the price used must be “objectively determinable” and internal or fund manager valuations are placed at the bottom of a preferred hierarchy.

Fair Value Service calculations are made systematically to a large universe of bonds denominated in five currencies, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY and USD. Valuations are calculated in a fully transparent manner, allowing independent validation and are delivered four times a day.

Fair Value Service calculations are available through Telekurs Financial's display products or as a structured data feed.

For more information on the Fair Value Service and its benefits please click here.

If you would like to speak with a representative from Telekurs Financial in the UK or Ireland, please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Improved functionality for Intraday Pricing Service Clients

Telekurs Financial is pleased to announce improved functionality in the handling of input files in the Intraday Pricing Service.

UK and Irish clients of the Intraday Pricing Service can now upload universes containing multiple identifier types. The new feature is being introduced as another enhancement allowed by the migrations to a new production system earlier in 2007.

Until now, clients using multiple securities identifiers have had to split their universe into separate request files on an identifier by identifier basis. With immediate effect clients will be able to upload a single input file with mixed identifiers.*

As well as accepting mixed identifiers, the Intraday Pricing Service output file will also be configured to output multiple identifiers.

Both developments will allow clients to simplify processing of both input and output files where their databases may contain multiple identifiers, by avoiding the need to process multiple input and output files or to process identifiers through a cross reference table before loading.

Any client who would like a demonstration, or who would like to implement this additional functionality should contact their account manager or email to

*Changes are necessary to the structure of the input file. Those clients with existing non-standard input files may not be able to use this function. Please contact your account manager in both cases.

Telekurs Financial's User Group 2007

Telekurs Financial hosted their annual User Group on 26 April 2007 at their newly refurbished offices. Clients were updated with the latest industry news and product developments followed by round table discussions focussing on Evaluated Pricing and industry regulation.

The morning focused on three topical business updates:

>> New data initiatives
>> Product improvements - Adding value to services
>> Telekurs Financial's service offering

Sheena Clark, Head of Data Acquisition, spoke about New Data Initiatives such as MiFID, Structured Products and Islamic Banking.

Richard Newbury, Head of Product Services gave an overview of the changes made to the company's products over the last year. He highlighted the continuous improvement processes undertaken and included how we are preparing our product suite for MiFID.

The round table discussions offered clients the opportunity to discuss how their colleagues have responded to current pricing and regulatory issues.

We were again delighted to welcome back Thea George, editor of A-Team Group, to facilitate one round table discussion: "Regulations affecting Back Office now and in the near future". Feedback from the group showed a general concern of a lack of firm guidance on MiFID in the industry for their own companies. We directed the delegates’ attention to the efforts made by Telekurs Financial to provide MiFID data and demonstrated our efforts to keep up to date with further requirements.

Alexandra Wipf, Head of Account Management and Sales, Telekurs (U.K.) Ltd, facilitated our second round table: "Maximization of Evaluated Pricing". Our new Fair Value Pricing Service was enthusiastically received with great interest by the participants. This service focuses on the need of financial market players having to base their analyses on key figures that are uniform and transparent. As a unique service, Telekurs Financial provides the valuations as well as the method and origin of the price.

For more details on MiFID and Telekurs Financial please click here.

To find out more about the round table discussion Regulations affecting Back Office now and in the near future please click here.

To find out more about the round table discussion Maximization of Evaluated Pricing please click here.

To view the presentations shown during this User Group, please click here.

If you would like to get in touch with a representative from Telekurs (UK) Ltd please email: or call us on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Telekurs Financial and MDPUG - working towards continuously improved data consistency

Laura Fuller, Data Consultant of Telekurs (U.K.) Ltd recently became co-chair of the Market Data Provider User Group (MDPUG) to support consistent standards amongst data vendors in data delivery to clients such as corporate actions. Find out more about this initiative and what the latest project of MDPUG is.


Along with Nat Sey of Interactive Data and Perrin Mistry of the LSE, Laura Fuller attends and now co-chairs the bi monthly meetings of The Market Data Provider User Group (MDPUG), a group of data vendors who get together in order to discuss the application of the ISO 15022 Standard.

The group produces the MDPUG Principles document every six months setting down the principles that will be followed by data vendors when providing corporate actions in ISO 15022 format, and giving examples of messages containing the different Event Types, showing how the vendors will use the Standard. The Chair reviews the Principles document and comments. The chair also collates the views of the group with regards to market practice in the area of corporate actions and passes the groups view on to the SMPG (Securities Market Practice Group).

The objectives of the group are to establish principles and rules for the use of ISO 15022 MT564 and MT568 messages sent by data vendors. MDPUG aim to follow the SMPG's corporate actions document and do not want to reinvent market practice. In some cases, however, market issues are raised that have not yet been raised by the SMPG.

Amongst representatives present at these meetings are data vendors such as Interactive Data, EDI, Thomson Financial, the LSE, Reuters and DTCC.

It is a real achievement that these competitors can openly discuss corporate actions issues between them. A further and ongoing achievement is the publication of the Principles document which is the latest project of MDPUG. This latter document is looking at the changes that will need to be made for the October 2007 release of the ISO 15022 Standard. "Being part of this group demonstrates that Telekurs Financial continues to work responsibly in the market place, to best address the ISO standard and its impact on our industry for our clients", remarks Laura Fuller.

For further information on the Principles document please click here.

Telekurs Financial issues IBEIs to support upcoming regulation

Telekurs Financial is pleased to announce the issuance of sixty nine thousand International Business Entity Identifiers (IBEI) for companies in which it is either the National or Substitute Numbering Agency (NNA).

Although the ISO standard is still under development, Telekurs Financial is closely involved in this process and has issued IBEI numbers which follow the current process. Any future changes to the standard will be incorporated into the process as they are announced.

The IBEI is one of the ways in which companies can be identified uniquely under the forthcoming Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, the Capital Requirements Directive and UCITS III. Its issuance further underlines Telekurs Financial's commitment to using international standards in supplying enterprise information to its clients in order to ease processes and assist in STP.

A full list of Telekurs Financial's IBEI coverage is shown below. As other NNAs issue IBEI numbers, the codes will be added to services.


For further information on the IBEI or on any of the EU Directives mentioned above, please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Telekurs Financial Announces 2007 Release Plan for MiFID Reference Data

Telekurs Financial has released its Release Plan for MiFID related reference data and has documented the type of data that will be provided to clients.

Client information is available from the VDF Server for VDF clients. Other clients can obtain a copy of the document by contacting their account manager.

MiFID is a broad ranging directive and Telekurs Financial has from the beginning been involved in discussions with industry groups and investment firms all across Europe. Feedback has shown that the approach the company has taken to helping clients meet the obligations of the directive, fits well with expectations from its clients.

Any client who would like to learn about Telekurs Financial's plans for MiFID should contact their account manager who will arrange a meeting with a relevant subject matter expert – be it Reference Data, Real Time Market Data or even questions about how to contribute data to Telekurs Financial´s data platforms.

For more information on the Valordata Feed (VDF) please click here.

If you would like to get in touch with a representative from Telekurs (UK) Ltd, please email email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Intra-day pricing from the National Stock Exchange of India through Intraday Pricing Service

Telekurs Financial is pleased to announce that from Monday 15 January 2007, the Intraday Pricing Service will provide intraday snapshots for equity instruments and derivatives traded on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

Data will be available in snapshots every five minutes. Currently, only end of day prices are available. The data supplied will be best bid and best ask prices.

The new data feed has been sourced in response to increased interest in NSE instruments from Telekurs Financial's clients and reflects the growing importance of the Indian economy on the world stage.

In addition to this change, on 12 February 2007, NSE futures and options will be migrated from EC 326 to EC 793.

Any client who would like to receive this data should contact their account manager or the Telekurs UK Helpdesk on +44 20 7550 5000.

Telekurs iD screen of the month

We report that the Research Screen showing live quotes, analysis and news of top global companies is Telekurs iD's most popular screen within the last month.


For a bigger picture please click here.

The screen shot above presents the most popular global Telekurs iD screen this month, showing:

>> Major market quotes of major companies globally
>> An analysis from theScreener for these company profiles and news (example shown: Barclays)
>> PDFs with the detailed analysis as an additional feature

Telekurs iD is built modularly and offers an array of packages to meet the requirements of front, middle and back office users alike. The latest version of Telekurs iD, which went live at the end of August 2006, enhanced the functionality available in the product as well as incorporating LSE Level 2 data.


As an independent provider of stock analysis, theScreener has advanced to become the European market leader in this field. Twice a week, theScreener provides ratings based on the latest information for some 5000 equities from 37 countries which Telekurs Financial clients can use to access objective analysis and recommendations on these globally attractive stocks. The newly integrated stock analysis from theScreener – offers considerable added value for the investment advisory and asset management fields. Highlights:

>> Ratings are guaranteed to be independent and objective since they are derived strictly from machine-generated data analysis.
>> The Rating process is transparent and easily replicated and uses a recognized, broadly accepted method.
>> The performance relevance of the ratings is continually monitored by applying the method to portfolios in multiple currencies.
>> Telekurs Financial's current price information now includes links to independent ratings.

For more information on Telekurs iD please click here.
For more information on theScreener please click here.

If you would like to get in touch with a representative from Telekurs (UK) Ltd, please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Season`s Greetings

From everyone at Telekurs (UK) Ltd, we wish you a festive season and happy new year for 2007!


This year's card has been designed by Abigail Adams, a 10 year old student at Scope's Ingfield Manor School. Scope is a national disability organisation whose focus is people with cerebral palsy.

For more information on SCOPE, please visit

Telekurs Financial wins financial-i Innovation Award for the ‘most innovative data aggregator’

Early this month, Financial-i announced winners across more than 50 categories of its inaugural 'Leaders in Innovation' Awards. These awards were introduced to provide recognition for banks, software and hardware vendors shaping the delivery of business solutions in wholesale transaction banking and essentially to recognize companies that demonstrate an ongoing commitment to product innovation.

As IT decision makers in wholesale financial institutions, their customers are seeking business solutions that fulfill a range of requirements such as cost effectiveness and helping to solve common business problems (e.g. STP, integration across departmental silos, automation of manual processes). Solutions which are less time consuming to use, cost efficient to implement and which enhance the overall efficiency were fitting criteria on selecting winners. Financial-I focused on these requirements as well as on product innovation over the last 12 to 18 months.

Taking all feedback from leading analyst firms and consultants covering the wholesale transaction banking space in consideration, Financial-i compiled a list of companies it considered to be innovation leaders in categories encompassing:

>> Securities services
>> Treasury & FX
>> Network services
>> Risk management
>> Data Management

Telekurs Financial was delighted to receive the award of being the most innovative data aggregator and will continue to strive to continue its innovation in the market. For more information on Financial-i please go to . If you would like to get in touch with a representative from Telekurs (UK) Ltd , please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Press Release: Trace Financial and Telekurs Financial announce Enhanced Delivery Mechanisms for Corporate Actions in ISO15022 format and Valordata Feed

Trace Financial is able to offer enhanced delivery mechanisms for the Telekurs Financial Valordata Feed (VDF) as well as VDF corporate actions data in ISO15022 format through the Trace Financial product suite.
Read full text of this press release (download 45 KB).

Telekurs Financial rising to the challenge of MiFID

Telekurs Financial announces its initial plans for the introduction of reference and market data designed to help clients address the challenges posed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

Telekurs Financial has been playing an active role in the European industry groups established in response to MiFID and has been working with clients, investment firms and other key market players to assess the impact of the Directive. In practice, the company is well positioned to meet the changing data requirements that MiFID presents since it already holds a large proportion of the required reference data within its extensive data solutions and has the technology to support and provide all the real-time price transparency data that MiFID is expected to generate.

Reference data

A broad range of reference data will be available to help clients apply their own client classifications and best execution policies more easily. Some of this data is already available from Telekurs Financial and new reference data will be added. For instance, new markers will be introduced to identify MiFID liquid shares and shares admitted to trading on a Regulated Market within the MiFID zone. These markers should help clients to determine which level of reporting an instrument is liable to under MiFID regulations. Identifiers to show places of quotation and trade will also be provided.

From early 2007, Telekurs Financial will issue International Business Entity Identifiers (IBEIs) for companies registered in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Other National Numbering Agencies will start allocating IBEIs in their respective countries. The IBEI code will be made available through Telekurs Financial's flagship, Valordata Feed (VDF). It will join Telekurs Financial's existing range of company identifiers (e.g. D-U-N-S ® numbers, Danish CVR numbers, Moody's institution identifiers, Fitch Issuer IDs and UK company registration numbers) as an integrated element of the company's core data model, rather than as a bolt-on solution.

VDF has carried Classification of Financial Instrument Codes (CFI Codes) for a number of years, Telekurs Financial provides a unique benefit to its clients by allocating CFI codes on a global basis for some 2.8 million instruments globally, even where the local issuer has not provided a code. The CFI code will help Telekurs Financial's clients identify whether a product is suitable and appropriate for their own clients.

Market data

Telekurs Financial continues to make significant investment to build a new data collection and dissemination platform which will have sufficient capacity and throughput to deliver the real-time price transparency data from MiFID data sources in a timely manner. The new platform supports the Telekurs Financial real-time data feed, Market Data Feed (MDF).

Telekurs Financial will continue to work with regulated markets and contributors and will approach data aggregators, Systematic Internalisers and Multilateral Trading Facilities to collect and disseminate pre- and post-trade data as required by MiFID transparency rules.

In order to facilitate timely collection of data, Telekurs Financial will accept data in multiple data formats; the company supports the use of industry standards for data dissemination.

Impacted products and services at Telekurs Financial

MiFID relevant data will be made available throughout the Telekurs Financial range of products as appropriate. VDF will cover the reference data and summary pricing; MDF will deliver the pre- and post-trade data and relevant items of reference data and the Intraday Pricing Service will provide price snapshots from all the incoming data sources.

For further details on the Valordata Feed (VDF) please click here.

As the implementation of MiFID continues across the MiFID zone, Telekurs Financial will maintain its dialogue with its clients, the industry and the MiFID working groups and will remain flexible in providing products and services to meet the changing needs across the industry.

For further information on Telekurs Financial's MiFID plans, please click here or contact us by email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Telekurs Financial sponsors the Credit Risk Summit London 2006

Telekurs Financial were sponsors of the Credit Risk Summit London at the CBI Centre in London on October 3rd and 4th. The event itself, mirroring topics covered by Risk magazine, gave an update on the latest information and debate on the key issues within credit risk management and structured credit.


Attracting over 100 key delegates, the conference focused on a unique overview of the credit markets and examining these with its volatile environment and changes to the credit cycle.

Topics covered in particular included examining trading strategies for the credit market, encompassing alternatives to leverage credit exposure, high yield updates and portfolio positioning. Also explored were concepts and applications of new credit products such as CLOs, SIVs, DPCs, LCDs and more just to name a few.

Telekurs Financial's focus at this event touched on a unique solution that helps manage your risk exposure through the integration of D&B's D-U-N-S® Numbers into the Telekurs Financial ValorData Feed (VDF). This solution provides company hierarchy information on legal entities with full linkage to the ultimate parent entity.

For more information on D-U-N-S Numbers please click here.

If you would like to get in touch with a representative from Telekurs (UK) Ltd , please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Telekurs Financial sponsors the SFE Swiss Financial Services Reception

Telekurs Financial sponsored the SFE Swiss Financial Services Reception on September 20th, 2006 at The Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh. The event attracted over 60 key figures from the financial community in Scotland focusing on the future of the mutual fund industry.


The reception was organised by Scottish Financial Enterprise to celebrate the opening of the new Swiss Consulate General in Edinburgh. SFE Chief Executive, Amanda Harvie chaired the session with an address from Mr Alexis P. Lautenberg, Swiss Ambassador in London. A keynote speech entitled 'Looking Ahead: Determinants and Perspectives for the Mutual Funds Industry', was delivered from Matthew Stemp, Managing Director of the Global Asset Management Division, UBS.

The main issues raised during the event were the striking similarities between the financial sectors in Scotland and Switzerland. Several speakers also commented on the international reputations for prudence and professionalism enjoyed by the financial sectors in both countries.

One key distinguishing factor identified by the panel was the specific area of excellence in each location. Switzerland was seen as a leading location in terms of private wealth management whereas Scotland and Edinburgh in particular, was seen as a centre of excellence for the fund management and securities administration sectors.

It was generally predicted that there would be increasing levels of business between the Swiss and Scottish financial sectors and the Swiss Ambassador cited this as one of the main reasons behind the Embassy's decision to relocate the Swiss Consul General office from Manchester to Edinburgh.

The reception was followed by a private dinner hosted by SFE at The Stevenson House.

For more information about the Scottish Financial Enterprise please click here.

To get in touch with a representative from Telekurs Financial , please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

Telekurs Financial Announces A-Day Pricing Solution

With new pension valuation rules soon approaching, Telekurs Financial is pleased to announce the launch of its A-Day Pricing Solution through the Intraday Pricing Service. The service is designed to meet the requirements of the UK Government's A-Day rules for the valuation of clients’ Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPP), which come into effect on 1 October 2006.


The change to valuation rules following A-Day affects everybody who has a SIPP, whether contributing or not, and in some cases those who are already drawing their pension. The new tax system brings the eight different tax rules governing the various types of pensions into line to create a single tax regime.

As well as giving the pension holder more flexibility in terms of which instruments can be included in a SIPP, the new rules specify the methods to be used in the valuation of SIPPs.

Telekurs Financial will provide clients with a 'Quarter-up Price', a 'Halfway Price' and a 'Market Value Price' for UK instruments, along with the relevant prices for international instruments.

The Intraday Pricing Service is a flexible solution that meets the needs of UK SIPP providers by delivering the following benefits:

>> Flexible, portfolio-based valuation snapshots
>> Customisable output reports for simple implementation
>> Access to prices for over 2.7 Million instruments globally, across all asset classes
>> Security selection using a client's chosen numbering system (Sedol, ISIN, Valor, etc.)
>> Simple uploading and downloading of requests and reports

To find out more about our Intraday Pricing Service please click here.

To get in touch with a representative from Telekurs Financial , please email or call on Tel. +44 (0)20 7550 5000.

PRESS RELEASE: Telekurs Financial introduces the CARS Verification Service

Telekurs Financial announces the Verification Service as a new feature in the Corporate Actions Reports Service (CARS). This report is made available to CARS clients on request – adding considerable value to their current service.

Read the full text of this press release (download 21 kb).

press release: Telekurs iD mobile in UK

Telekurs Financial is pleased to announce an alliance with Worldlink as the first UK Technical agent entitled to distribute Telekurs iD mobile, a leading portable financial information solution. Currently available on the BlackBerry PDA, this unique combination of user-friendly mobile software and comprehensive financial pricing and reference data from Telekurs Financial takes portable financial information to the next level.

Read the full text of this press release (download 69 kb).

You may also read the following related topics posted on this Weblog:
- Blackberry entering China

- New release of Telekurs iD mobile goes live

press release: using Valordata Feed to create a EUSD Hub

Telekurs Financial and Web Services Integration (WSI) announce the launch of the Xceptor® EUSD Hub - the first end to end tax product to address the requirements and demands imposed on financial organisations by the European Union Directive on the Taxation of Savings Income (EUSD).

Read the full text of this press release (download 23 kb).

Virtual Reference Data Panel Discussion

In this months issue of the Investor Services Journal, Richard Newbury, Head of Product Services of Telekurs Financial, discusses the latest developments impacting the reference data landscape, effects of increasing regulation and key challenges and opportunities.

With new regulations impacting the financial market such as the EU Savings Directive, Basel II and MiFID, Richard Newbury was asked to give Telekurs Financial’s perspective on topical issues such as:

The latest developments impacting the reference data landscape
Regulation types that are impacting reference data and future regulatory developments
How Financial Institutions can ensure that their reference data is clean and consistent
Challenges presented to the reference data landscape due to investment funds becoming increasingly diverse
The effect on reference data by the market infrastructure and the implications of MiFID
The effect of further consolidation among stock exchanges and central securities depositories on the reference data landscape
Key challenges and opportunities facing reference data professionals

The conclusion was drawn that with evidence of regulations, improving EDM projects and the efforts to push standards up the chain to issuers, financial institutions will have a challenge to adjust. The response of the industry to existing and forthcoming regulation will determine how much more regulation will be seen in the European Union. The response from the industry to efforts such as the building of ISO15022 standards and the Giovannini reports will help inform regulators as to whether further regulation is needed. Apart from survival of MiFID being as a key test of firms’ ability to handle reference data – amongst many other issues - a number of new combined entities are likely to emerge from the existing firms as a result of the regulations's implementation.

ISIPS 2006

The ISIPS Exhibition will be held at The Brewery in London on 22 May 2006.

Now in its eighth year, ISIPS is the number one annual capital markets event held in Europe. Its content covers both wholesale and retail financial services technology and the event attracts more than 1000 senior practitioners from around the world.

The ISIPS program is designed to promote greater awareness of business process issues and demonstrates the range of industry solutions currently available and technology know-how to meet the changing regulatory demands and challenges of a highly competitive global securities industry. Seminar presentations cover the trading lifecycle from front to back office, across all asset classes, exploring issues facing banks, fund managers and broker dealers.

Telekurs Financial will be exhibiting (booth no. 27) and speaking at ISIPS this year specifically focusing on the topic ‘Managing your Risk exposure’, a presentation held by Dominique Tanner, Head of Business Development for Telekurs (U.K.) Ltd at 1.35 p.m.

To register for this event:

Telekurs Financial: focusing strongly on ISO 15022

Telekurs (UK) Ltd were sponsors of TSAM 2006 (Technology Solutions for Asset Management) on 7 March 2006. Richard Newbury, Head of Products at Telekurs (U.K.) Ltd was a panel speaker in the Corporate Actions stream which evaluated the progress of data standards and automation in corporate actions management.

Richard Newbury was joined by other panel speakers including George Harris, Vice President, Investment Operations, RDUG & Credit Suisse; John Clayton, Business Model and Harmonisation, Euroclear, and Catherine Marks, SWIFT Solutions Manager, SWIFT, to discuss the panel topic “An update on market initiatives regarding data harmonisation” focusing strongly on ISO 15022 and the advantages and disadvantages of having this single automated standard.

It was Telekurs Financial’s observation that the year 2005 had been useful in terms of getting this format integrated with customers, however there still seems to be some over expectation by the user community of what ISO 15022 can deliver.

The conclusions that all participants came to were:

Users are looking for cheaper solutions for smaller companies.
Although ISO 15022 is felt to be a good start, the delegates felt that it did not provide a full answer and that there is still a need for a broader data set.
It was agreed that a regulation needs to be introduced to push people to make a move on the topic.
There is a need for greater harmonisation to iron out the differences between announcements on different markets.

2006 therefore poses an opportunity for data vendors and custodians to improve the standardized messaging service for corporate actions and educate the user community on the regulations revolving around this.

TSAM has become the leading forum in the UK focusing specifically on the technology and operations related issues facing asset management companies. The event attracted huge numbers of senior-level delegates from all areas of the investment management arena.

Telekurs Financial participating at the TSAM 2006

Telekurs Financial will be participating and exhibiting at TSAM 2006 (Technology Solutions for Asset Management) as part of the Corporate Actions stream. The focus will be on “Automation: how far have things really come, what are the hurdles, and ways to address them”.

This event will be held on 7 March 2006 at the following location:

The Brewery.
Chiswell Street,
London EC1Y 4SD 

Richard Newbury, Head of Products at Telekurs (UK) Ltd, will be one of the panellists at a round table discussing “An update on market initiatives regarding data harmonisation” which starts at 13h50. Read the full schedule for more details.

press release: First STP solution goes live in UK with Telekurs Financial's corporate actions data

Brewin Dolphin Securities Ltd, the largest independent private client portfolio manager and stockbroker in the UK, went live on 23 January 2006 with the first integrated STP solution in the UK which uses Telekurs Financials’ corporate actions data delivered via the Valordata Feed in ISO 15022 format and Mondas’ Radica CAPS.

Read the full text of this press release (download 36 kb).

press release: Columba and Telekurs Financial corporate actions solution delivered to LCH.Clearnet

Columba and Telekurs Financial have combined their expertise in order to deliver a highly effective corporate actions managment solution to LCH.Clearnet. This solution enhances their ability to maintain trading positions and efficiently process settlement transactions.

To read the entire text of this press release, please click here (pdf download).





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